About Me


Literary Translator for Belarusian and Russian Authors Nadezhda Belenkaya, Vladimir Kozlov, Andrei Dichenko and Mikhail Tarkovsky.

Working on a book (The Skeletons of Nicksville) about my grandfather Nick Gregovich, a notorious Arizona cowboy who was one of the first pilots in history to experiment with cloud-seeding.

Cultural Critic on the Topic of Professional Wrestling, and leading the charge on a collaborative book called The Spectacle of Excess: Essays on the Art of Professional Wrestling. Also check out my wrestling blog: The Spectacle of Excess.  Here are some good posts for you to read:

On the Phenomenology of AJ Styles and the Mysteries of They Don’t Want None

On Mankind vs. The Undertaker

On Rob Schamberger’s Daniel Bryan

On What Rusev is Saying (Русев удря Русев мачка!)

Copywriting, Editing, and Commercial Translation (get in touch for details)



 Here’s my Facebook; follow me on Twitter


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